• The Food Trust
  • Village of Arts and Humanities
  • Enterprise Center
  • Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA
  • Free Library of Philadelphia
  • Equal Measure
  • Norris Square Neighborhood Project
  • Philadelphia Youth Network
  • Common Market
  • Greener Partners
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Get HYPE Philly!: Year One

The Get HYPE Philly! Story 

How do you make the biggest impact on young people's health? Welcome to Get HYPE Philly!, a citywide initiative promoting positive youth development in Philadelphia. 


Funded by GSK, administered by The Philadelphia Foundation and led by The Food Trust, Get HYPE Philly! brings together 10 nonprofit Collective partners to empower Philly's young people as leaders, preparing them to live healthier lives and create healthier communities.


Interested in becoming a youth leader? Contact Aunnalea Grove by clicking here.

HYPE High School Youth Leadership Summit 2016
Beyond GSK: Planting the seeds for healthier communities

The Get HYPE Philly! Collective


Get HYPE Philly is funded by GSK and administered by The Philadelphia Foundation.